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Meet Kierste Carter!

Kierste Carter is our lovely bookkeeper at Harmony Arts. Kierste graduated from Utah State University in Family, Consumer and Human Development, with an emphasis in Family Finance (financial education and budgeting), and also has a background in Nutrition. Kierste is a mostly stay-at-home mom of four (just kidding, she’s almost never home).

She has been a part of the Harmony Arts studio since 2013. Kierste works odd hours, around her kids basketball, baseball, football, golf, nap, and of course piano schedules. She loves hiking, reading, photography, and the beach. She is constantly seeking beauty and peace.

Kierste loves the Harmony Arts studio and appreciates our holistic approach to music. Incorporating movement and drumming into piano lessons has helped her busy boys find more success and enjoyment in learning music. Thank you for all the work you do with keeping us on track, Kierste!

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