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the magic of

Learning Piano!

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Private Piano Class: the best of both

private and group piano lessons!

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"We love Miss Nan and all the teachers!

They are intentional, kind, knowledgeable, and positive!"

- E.B., studio parent

Our piano students:

  • Enjoy individualized lessons;

  • Discover how to practice efficiently and effectively

  • Learn to master material quickly so they stay motivated;

  • Engage with other students to enhance learning, facilitate inclusivity, and learn it's okay to make mistakes!


Watch your student's confidence grow

and their learning pace accelerate!

To find true self-motivation, students need to reach mastery QUICKLY. 

This Secret Sauce includes learning…

  • To see music in simple patterns;

  • To practice efficiently, effectively and independently;

  • Music Theory in fun and new ways;

  • Self-empowerment, which grows their confidence!

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Students who play well, LOVE to play.

That is exactly what they learn in our program!

"My child is learning so much, but all she knows is

that she is having a blast!"   -T.J., studio parent

6-14 years
Private Piano Class

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  • Group class with 4-6 students and 3 teachers;

  • Students learn at their own digital piano stations, at their own pace, using headphones;

  • Lessons are 75 minutes;

  • During the final 15 minutes, your PPC student will enjoy "Cadence" where we explore dynamic group activities together!

Wednesdays 3:00 - 4:15 p.m.


Materials & performances included. No extra fees.

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     What do our students say?


“Wow, we’re done?  It feels like it’s been only 10 minutes!” 

“Mom and I have fewer arguments about practice.”

“I love learning to play songs

I want to play.”

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