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"Nurturing Confidence, Connection, Community and Transformation Through the Arts"

Nurturing is an important word at Harmony Arts. We recognize that students cannot and will not be willed into participation.  Important elements in our secret sauce are:

  • Meeting students where they are at rather than expecting them to come to our adult world;

  • Finding ways to connect and build an emotionally safe learning environment;

  • Modeling positive outcomes;

  • Observing the student's body language;

  • Responding according to our observations. 


Children feel safe here in part because we sincerely acknowledge and validate their ideas by trying them out right here in class!


Calmness is essential so learning can be peaceful, at ease, unrushed, and not subject to time restraints and schedules. We want all we do and say to be motivated by love.


We believe this all creates nurturing.


Connection is the result of our form of nurturing.  We all try out each other's ideas and learn to respect one another and respond with kindness.  We see each other as a contributing member of our learning circle and we value our connection to one another.


Confidence grows as students are nurtured and connect with classmates who are experiencing difficulties and achievements, just like them.  Students learn that making mistakes is not only okay, it's essential to growth.  Because all children want to grow and they feel safe making mistakes, they DO grow and enjoy their journey in doing so.


As students grow in confidence, they have a desire to connect with others outside their learning circle, especially in ways that serve. When service is our primary focus, there is no place for comparison or judgement. This approach fosters more confidence and helps students see through their own experience how their gifts can make a difference in the world.


At Harmony Arts, we desire to offer our students outstanding arts education.  However, our primary goal is to nurture the soul and facilitate the development of a beautiful human.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team!

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Founding Director
Private Piano
Preschool Instructor 
Musikgarten, Keyboard & Mindful Mentors 


Studio Manager
Social Media Specialist


Private Teacher:  Guitar, Piano, Uke
PPC Teacher

Nathan Bodrero

PPC Instructor
Classroom Assistant
Official "Fun-gi"

Office Assistant


PPC Assistant
Classroom Assistant


PPC Assistant
Classroom Assistant

PPC Assistant
Classroom Assistant


Art Teacher


Music Teacher

Team Code an Values

Team Code & Values

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We are located 3.5 miles West of Tremonton city center.

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435-239-3059 (text, only)

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