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Meet Emily Bodrero!

Hi! I'm Emily Bodrero. 

I have five brothers (one is Nathan Bodrero, who also works at HAMA) and one sister. I have been taking classes at HAMA for basically all my life. I started working in the office at HAMA in the spring of 2022, and then I started to assist with preschool.

I love playing the piano, ballroom dancing, and my favorite animal is a bunny.

The thing that inspired me to play the piano was my brother. He was so good, and I knew I wanted to learn. So before I was even old enough to start a class, I had already memorized my notes. I have enjoyed being at HAMA so much and I know that I will always enjoy it when I am there.

We're so glad to have Emily here at HAMA. Thanks for everything you do, Emily!

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