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Meet Denise King!

We’re excited to introduce Denise King, who teaches in Musikgarten Keyboard and World this year. When Denise was a small child, shortly after starting Kindergarten, her mother began teaching her how to play the piano. She can still remember, over 20 years later, the first duet she ever played with her mom. What started as a simple black key duet would turn into a musical journey that would span decades and cultures.

A few years after her mom started teaching her, Denise had the opportunity to take lessons from Sylvia Hunt, a master teacher living in Caldwell Idaho. Sylvia was deeply involved in the College of Idaho and her passion for music was contagious. Her recitals were held in either the grand college auditorium or in the beautiful Presbyterian Church where Sylvia was the Organist. Every Monday when Denise went to lessons, she would pass a fence that had a dozen brass instruments attached to it. She passed that fence for over a decade and it became a symbol of Mrs. Hunt’s legacy.

In High School, Denise met another powerful musical mentor. Her freshman year of high school was the year Dan Child took over the choir department. Over her four years of high school, he transformed the program and Denise was able to participate in multiple choirs, both as a singer and an accompanist. The music, the relationships with her fellow classmates, and the belief that Mr. Child showed in each individual stayed with her. He taught Denise that it wasn’t about using kids to make beautiful music — it was about using music to make beautiful kids. The power of a teacher with that kind of belief in every student creates a legacy that is impacting the world. At every Christmas concert at Middleton High, they sing the Hallelujah Chorus and every past member of the choirs is invited to come on stage to sing. That number started as 24 singers a decade ago and now their chorus is hundreds strong and growing.

Denise has been involved at Harmony Arts and Music Academy since 2020. She has an elementary school teaching license, and experience working with children of various ages in a classroom setting. She also took piano lessons at the collegiate level and taught private/group piano there. She has taught piano from her home for the last five years.

Aside from playing the piano, Denise loves to sing and participate in the local women's choir.

She loves camping, hiking, reading, baking, and snuggling in a blanket. We appreciate the encouragement that Denise gives to all of her students. Denise, thanks for being so welcoming and helping to create a positive, calm, uplifting environment at HAMA!

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