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Points for Prizes! Work hard - earn FUN stuff!

Points for Prizes!  


FACT: Students are more successful learning instruments when their efforts are appreciated.  

Rewards are a great way to acknowledge effort, and keep students in the space of accomplishment. Living in that space builds confidence and motivation. As parents, sometimes we are unwilling to reward too much because we fear our kids will come to expect it. We can ask ourselves, “Does my student feel appreciated in their practice efforts, or just that they are expected to do it?”  We want them working in this positive space of appreciation and recognition, so it’s important that they feel that from us. To help out, we are focusing our blog articles this month on the subjects of Motivation, Rewards and Practice. We hope they are helpful!

POINTS FOR PRIZES - HOW MUCH CAN BE EARNED EACH WEEK?  Please see the PINK chart in your student’s binder, 5th tab.


Parents of students who opt in will contribute prizes or cash to cover the expense. Cash is helpful so we can purchase prizes ahead of time. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO OPT IN. Students can still attend the End of the Year Party (sign up in Parent Portal) even if they opt out of store. Please only send CASH or VENMO.

  • If you prefer to donate prizes, PLEASE WRITE THE ACTUAL COST of each prize DIRECTLY ON THE PRIZE so that we know what Music Money $ value to assign it.    

Families often ask how much to donate. Contribute only what you are able - it all works out. We will text you a total of your students’ points on May 6 - 9, 2024, so you will know how much is appropriate to donate. The breakdown is 100 points buys an item that is worth $1.00 (a dollar store puzzle costing $1 would cost the student 100 dollars).

NOTE:  We do not want to exclude any student who does not have the means to donate. All we ask is that you donate what you feel you can, and Harmony Arts will make up the difference.  


No. Points will be given to each student, but you can opt out of the store. In this case, the parent and student decide together on a more appropriate and motivating reward, and then communicate this to the teacher. The parent would collaborate with the student and teacher on the qualifications of the reward, and the parent would provide the reward upon goal completion. If you opt out of the store, you do NOT need to contribute to it.


Q:  When will I get to visit the store?

A:  At the End of Year Private Student Party in May.

Q:  Do I have to opt in?

A:  No.  If you opt out, you simply won’t visit the store, but work with your parent on a 

different incentive.  We will still assess points to you each week.

Q:  How much will my money/points buy?

A:  Store Prize Value breakdown: 100 points = $1.00 in real money.  See bottom of this 

chart to see what’s possible.

Q:  What happens if I lose my Music Money, or my Assignment Notebook?

A:  Then you will not be able to visit the store.  We keep track of your points only in your 

binder, and we don’t keep track of your Music Money, period.  This is an opportunity to 

exercise responsibility.  


How to earn points…

Points Possible

Practice - must be recorded in Assignment Binder before class.

5 pts/day

45 days, 225 pts possible

Bring all materials - Assignment Binder, theory, lesson books, recital piece, etc.  EV-ER-Y-THING).

10 pts/week

9 weeks, 90 pts possible

Assignment goals:  50/week - based on a percentage of goals achieved that week (this allows the teacher flexibility in structuring goals appropriate to that student).  So if they get 3 of 5 goals achieved in lessons, they will receive 30 points.


9 weeks, 450 pts possible

Service Performance (March, May) - perform 

50 each

2 performances, 100 possible

PMC (Performance Master Class - March) - perform and participate


Recital - perform


Other ways to earn points may be offered as PMC and Recitals approach.

Total points that is possible to earn

Based on practicing 5 days/week


You can find the permission slip you need in your student’s binder, tab 5. Work hard and earn FUN stuff!

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