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Parent Orientations - We're In This Together!

We credit much of the success of our program to our students’ parents and the involvement we have together. Our parents are the best, and we love working with them!

As you already know, all of our offerings have at least a monthly Parent Time, and some have a weekly Parent Time. In addition to that support, we also offer periodic Parent Orientation meetings throughout the school year. This year, on our calendar we have:

- Thursday, September 28: SET UP FOR SUCCESS

  • 6:45 pm - PPC and Private Students and Parents. Practice routine, goal-setting, what matters most

  • 8:00 pm - Parents of Cycles, Home/Preschool, World, Keyboard Years 1-4. How to easily implement using the materials at home, what to do during Parent Time, supporting your child in class and at home

- Thursday, November 16: HELP SESSION for KEYBOARD Years 1-2

  • 7:00 pm - How to practice with your child and how often; your questions answered and support offered where you need it


  • 8:00 pm - Parents of Keyboard, PPC, and Private Students. How to navigate bumps in the road peacefully and successfully

We strongly encourage all parents who are NEW to our program to attend every orientation you can. They will give you understanding and simplify your experience here.

We also encourage parents who have attended before to attend again. Our veteran parents tell us that Parent Orientations and Help Sessions help them stay motivated through the hard times and give them ideas for how to manage the bumpy spots in their child’s musical journey.

To register for Parent Orientation, log into the Parent Portal and click “Find Events”.

Our primary goals are:

The success of your student

The sanity of the parent 😄

We want to sustain you and give you the tools to find peaceful success. Our hope is that you both find success in this several-year journey, and experience as much joy as possible along the way.

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