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Meet Nathan Bodrero!

We're excited to introduce Nathan Bodrero. He has been part of HAMA for about 14 years! As time went on, he helped with teaching and assisting in Keyboard and Preschool classes. For now, he is one of our amazing PPC teachers - but read on, as he tells us more about what is coming up for him:

"Hello Everyone!! My name is Nathan Bodrero, and I have been teaching at HAMA for about 5 years. I love to play board games, ballroom dance, and play the piano. I'm also a guitarist in the high school Jazz Band! I am 18 years old, and technically a senior, though I have graduated, thanks to being homeschooled. I have received my LDS Mission call, I'm going to Barbados in the Caribbean in March!

When I started learning piano, I had a love for music in general, and I really wanted to learn an instrument to make music myself. The first few years I did not practice very well, if at all. I had one or two days of practice a week, and wondered how some of the students consistently practiced every day! But my love for music kept me going, and somehow I kept getting better. As my talent for piano grew, it made it more and more fun to play the piano, and my practice was much better. I enjoyed playing, rather than "having to practice", even though it was the same thing. 

Awhile ago, I was learning a particularly hard piece. As I struggled over time to get myself to learn a new section, rather than to re-play the parts I had already learned, I had an ah-ha moment. This might sound silly, but to me it is quite powerful: If I practice for more time and more often, then my songs get easier faster, and I love to play them even more! That's something I keep with me even today, a reminder to myself when I don't feel like practicing that day.  

I have loved meeting and getting to know all the awesome students and their families, and giving them a chance like I did to have an ah-ha moment and learn to love music even more. Have an amazing day!"

We're happy for Nathan about his new adventure, but we will sure miss him! Be sure to wish him well if you get to see him!

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