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Meet Nathan Bodrero!

Hello Everyone!! My name is Nathan Bodrero, and I have been teaching at HAMA for about 4 years. I love to play chess, soccer and the piano. I'm 16 years old and in 11th grade this year. I'm also homeschooled! That is my biggest flex sometimes 😂 .

When I started learning piano, I had a love for music in general, and I really wanted to learn an instrument to make music myself. The first few years I did not practice very well, if at all. I had one or two days of practice a week, and wondered how some of the students consistently practiced every day! But my love for music kept me going, and somehow I kept getting better. As my talent for piano grew, it made it more and more fun to play the piano, and my practice was much better. I enjoyed playing, rather than "having to practice", even though it was the same thing.

Two summers ago, I was learning a particularly hard piece. As I struggled over time to get myself to learn a new section, rather then to re-play the parts I had already learned, I had an ah-ha moment. This might sound silly, but to me it is quite powerful: If I practice for more time and more often, then my songs get easier faster, and I love to play them even more! That's something I keep with me even today, a reminder to myself when I don't feel like practicing that day.

I am so excited to meet all of the new and returning students this year, and give them a chance like I did to have an ah-ha moment and learn to love music even more. Have an amazing day!

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