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Meet Jared Bodrero!

Jared Bodrero has been part of HAMA for many years. He is currently one of our awesome PPC teachers, and also assists in teaching Keyboard Year 4. Let's get to know him better:

Jared is a fun-loving guy. Though at first sight he appears quiet and reserved, once you get to know him he carries a fun energy.

He loves playing the piano and his favorite songs are the ones that give him a challenge. He also enjoys playing and improvising on the drums.

Jared is studying ways to communicate with others and enjoys talking with people and getting them to light up through conversation. Jared has a great sense of awareness and loves figuring out how things are put together and how they work. He recently discovered an excitement for electricity and building his own circuits. He loves doing tricks with his yo-yo’s, dancing, and driving, and is excited to buy his first car.

We're so glad to have Jared at HAMA. Watch for him at an upcoming recital or give him a high-five in the hallway! Thanks for everything you contribute to HAMA, Jared. We're better because you're here!

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