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Did you know Performing is Serving? Read on!

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Music blesses the musician and everyone who hears it - isn’t that one of the wonderful things about music? It is a gift that we can share - and we should! But often, musicians are nervous about performing. It can be hard to play in front of others! Perhaps it will help to remember that when we play music for people, we are serving them. We are doing an act of kindness that benefits them, and ourselves.

In that spirit, we have Service Performance opportunities for our Keyboard, PPC and Private students. These Service Performances give them the opportunity to play music in a low-pressure environment. For example, one of our favorite places for a service performance is the dining room of a local senior care facility, called Our House.

PPC and Private students can perform in December at a local fundraiser, “Share a Little Christmas.” At this event, we join with other organizations and performing arts studios who also perform, and the community comes together to raise funds for a local need. The “Share a Little Christmas'' fundraiser will be on Saturday, December 16 at Bear River High School. Students who are well-prepared will receive an invitation from their teacher to perform.

In March and May, we will perform at Our House, the senior care facility.

When service is the primary goal, performers tend to focus less on themselves (I’m scared, I’m going to mess up, I don’t play well) and more on serving those who are listening. Besides building a sense of community, Service Performances help students stretch to do things outside of their comfort zone, which helps build confidence and the ability to be in front, leading others.

We encourage you to support your students in these performances where we can all celebrate their growth and accomplishment together!

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