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Meet Tyson Baker!

Hello, I’m Tyson. I enjoy working at HAMA because it’s close to home, and I enjoy my time with the other staff members. I live in Tremonton, and I have one brother and three sisters.

Probably the most interesting thing about me would be my hobbies … they are quite strange indeed. I like coding, 3D modeling and printing, and most of all, lights. Not just the ones that screw into the ceiling (although those can be modified to be more entertaining: hidden lasers are easily added). I like individual addressable SK9812 LEDs. I do lots of stuff with them, but mostly stuff like in this photo. The lights can be any color/animation I want, and I control them from my phone.

We're grateful to have Tyson on board, helping things to run smoothly at HAMA. Thanks, Tyson!

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