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Meet Madilyn Brickey!

Madilyn Brickey is one of our amazing assistants here at Harmony Arts and Music Academy. Let's get to know her!

My name is Madilyn Brickey. This is my first year at Harmony Arts. I have been playing the piano since I was five and I love music a lot, making this a very exciting opportunity for me. In addition, I have been playing the violin for a little over two years, and enjoy singing as well.

Outside of work and music, I enjoy books a lot. I especially love fantasy and dystopian, though I do enjoy some romance and fiction. Fantasy romance is also a favorite. My favorite books are Percy Jackson and Six of Crows. Aside from reading, I have dreams of becoming an author. Book suggestions and writing ideas welcome.

Also, I love the outdoors. I enjoy mountain biking, hiking, and swimming in the summer, and snowboarding, sledding, and snowmobiling in the winter. I have a snowmobiling license and a season pass at Beaver mountain.

Madi always has a friendly, bright smile when she assists with our PPC classes. She makes a big difference with our students' piano learning in class. Thanks for everything you do at HAMA, Madi! We appreciate you!

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