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Ages 9 - 99

Private Lessons


Private Guitar and Ukulele

Private GUITAR and UKULELE Lessons offer the opportunity to learn fantastic, foundational skills and gain the wisdom of how and when to use them.  These lessons will equip you with everything you need to learn your favorite songs and become an effective player.   Private lessons are great for those who want instruction to be tailored to their specific schedule, needs and/or wants. 


But that’s not all!  Our guitar and ukulele curricula are based on the same solid principles our Musikgarten programs are based on, so our guitar & ukulele students also learn to play melodies on the fingerboard and come to understand rhythm!  This starts with learning the most common melodic patterns, playing them on the fingerboard, and then transposing them to other common keys.  Eventually you will hear your student practicing scales, which enables ukulelists to play any song they way, and guitarists to play everything from the most beautiful guitar solo pieces, to the most amazing electric guitar solos!  Your student’s teacher will also connect rhythm to their strumming patterns so that a good rhythm foundation is also laid.  Instruction can include:

  • Learning songs YOU want to play

  • Learning strumming patterns, and when ready, picking patterns

  • Playing melodies and gaining ease with fingerboard geography

  • Expanding chord repertoire and understanding chord progressions in music, which will…

  • Unlock the world of composition, and will…

  • Lay a great foundation for learning other musical instruments.

Get ready to embark on this wonderful journey!

Sept - May Tuition, $ /month, materials included


Private Piano

description coming soon

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