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Meet Josie Anderson!

Today we get to meet Josie Anderson. She teaches private piano lessons at HAMA.

Josie and Grandma Stokes; she started Josie's mom in piano, who in turn started all of her children in piano!

One of Josie’s first introductions to music was with Miss Nan in Musikgarten! She was six years old, joining Keyboard Year 1 for the first time. Her favorite instrument to play in class was the glockenspiel, and the piano, and the resonator bars, and... ! Between ages 6 and 18, Josie was taught, mentored, challenged, and loved by Miss Nan, Anna Parsons, Marie Webre, and Diane Austin.

Is this Josie or Captain Jack Sparrow? You decide…

Josie is the manager of the Northern Utah Youth Chamber Orchestra and has excitedly stepped into her assigned role as NUYCO Percussionist! The bass drum literally never knew what (or who) hit it. She is also the organist in her church; her weekly motto is stolen from Marjorie Pay Hinckley and Kurt Vonnegut: “You can laugh or you can cry. I laugh because it’s easier to clean up!”

Josie is a homebody and loves Utah, but also enjoys traveling. Her favorite travel destination was a few years ago to Iceland on a study abroad trip! This pic shows Josie's Grandpa Anderson in Iceland in 1949 (left), and Josie in 2014 (right). By pure "coincidence," she lived on the same farm where Grandpa had lived 68 years before!

Josie dreams of one day having a farm and raising musical children, animals, and vegetables (like Bob the Tomato in VeggieTales).

Josie enjoys teaching piano at Harmony Arts. Her biggest goal as a music teacher of children and teenagers is to help them love music and life and new things! One of her favorite weeks in Musikgarten is the instrument demos; she loves to bring her violin and any other musical instruments around her home. Music has been very influential in her life and she hopes to convey that love to students. We're so glad to have Josie as a teacher at Harmony Arts!

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