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Experience joyful, wonder-filled times with your child! 


Musikgarten is more than fabulous musical learning.

Musikgarten creates a safe, magical opportunity for your child to step outside comfort and lean into possibility!

In a Musikgarten class, your child will...

  • Learn to really listen.

  • Learn to self-direct their body, voice, and emotions.

  • Engage with other children and make new friends.

  • Find their voice, express and create.

  • Try out ideas and step into their own confidence!


Witness your child’s creativity come alive as their ideas are honored and valued!

"I loved being able to see my kids interact with others and come out of their shell to try new things.  They then took those things and incorporated them into our every day life!"   -Meranda Bott

Here's a little about each Musikgarten class...


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1-3 years

Your toddler is likely on the move!


Learning to move as they move to learn, toddlers explore the world that beckons them through sensory-motor activity.  This is how they learn!  Musikgarten Toddlers is the perfect place for your toddler to learn to love music, and learn to control their body!  You will likely enjoy class as much as your child, and get a little exercise, too! 

Weekly, 45 min class; Adult attends class with child.

Simplified, monthly fee:  

$42; $32 if you already own materials

"It's fun to see a different and creative side of my child that was more visible in the Cycles environment."   -Angela Firth

3-4 years

Witness the joy in your child's face as the magic unfolds! See how quickly your child connects to this broad-based experience in vocal exploration, rhythm development, instruments, body awareness, finger-plays, storytelling, poetry, creative expression and movement, spatial exploration, singing games, free-dance, and sensory games.  Because they experience music through nature, which is intriguing to the child, your child jumps in and you see the benefits to their development!

Weekly, 45 min class; Adult joins last 15

Simplified, monthly fee:

$42  ($32 if you already own materials)

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muddy bird nest making.jpg

"My kids loved learning and the preschool was just what my boy needed to help him be more confident and work well with others. He is ready to start kindergarten!" 

-Melissa Muir

3-5 years
Preschool of the Arts

Our Preschool has been built upon the developmentally sound Musikgarten Curriculum that our families already know and love!  This means your child gets a full year of Musikgarten included in Preschool!


Singing, movement, theatrics, playing instruments, and focused listening activities are the core of our program, and our Preschool also includes Kindergarten Readiness Skills along with Arts & Crafts.

Children are immersed in a rich learning environment of the Arts and Nature that they can relate to and enjoy! Making music and making friends, all within a creative learning environment that fosters a LOVE of learning and a love and respect for self, nature and others!  

Two days a week, 3 hours per day; Adult joins last 15 minutes every TUESDAY

Simplified Monthly Fee

$110  ($100 if you already own materials)

4-5 years

In "Home", your child learns music through exploring the sights and sounds of various habitats.  You will see the wonder in your preschooler's eyes as they get to see, hear, touch and feel live instrument demonstrations, play their part in instrument ensembles, hear patterns in songs, and read and write music notation!  You will delight together in all he is learning as you witness this growth during Parent Time and at home.  

Weekly, 60-min class, Adult joins last 15

Simplified Monthly Fee

$55  ($40 if you already own materials)


"We love Miss Nan and all the teachers! They are intentional, kind, knowledgeable, and positive!"  -Erin Black


5-7 years

Your child will love World class!  It's such fun to explore a people and their culture through song, dance, and stories!  In World class, your school-aged child excites in making the connection from ear to page through reading, writing and playing songs. Students are so excited to play the glockenspiel and this reinforces their pattern vocabulary while refining fine motor skills needed to play piano, guitar, or any instrument. Children grow their rhythm and tonal patterns significantly this year, and they are so proud of what they can READ and PLAY!

Weekly, 60-min class, Adult joins last 15

Simplified, monthly fee:

$55  ($40 if you already own materials)

6-8 years
Keyboard Year 1
(Beginning Piano)

Discover a unique approach to piano! Witness your child's delight as they learn to play songs by ear and get a taste of how easy reading music can be through our magical Music Learning Sequence. This innovative process enables kids to read music by following the same pathway as learning a language! Even in this one-time experience, your budding pianist will learn to recognize musical patterns.


Your child's eyes will light up as they connect and expand their learning through drumming, dancing, focused listening and singing.  Through this holistic approach to music and while learning with friends, your child will feel like music is easy and fun!  

Weekly, 75-min class, Adult joins last 15 

Simplified Monthly Fee:

$58  ($48 if you already own materials)

LMP_1635 crop flipped.jpg

"Nan Croney and her staff are caring professionals.  They have nurtured my son's love for music.  

He was tickled pink to play a real song on the piano after his first class.  

He loves playing the piano and shares his love for music with everyone who will listen."  - Abrial Marroquin

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How it works

1.  Click on the "Register" link under the class of your choice.

2.  Fill out the online registration form.  It will automatically populate the class you chose.

3.  Enter your bank account info, and submit!

3.  Watch your email for info regarding your first class!


We know it may take at least a month for your child to become completely comfortable and participatory in class. If after attending your first 3 classes, you are not completely happy with your experience, you can withdraw with nothing further to pay.  

"Absolutely love this music program.  It lays an amazing foundation in music that will help with any type of music children pursue, from drums to piano to singing!  It's very fun and so educational.  My kids love it and I'm amazed with how much they learn.  Kids that do Musikgarten don't just know songs, they know music! - Clarissa Hulet

Need more info? 

Our team would love to answer your questions!

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