Make Up Policy

Make Up Policy…

We love our Harmony Arts teachers and they are in great demand!  This is why they are not able to simply reschedule private lessons. However, we know life interruptions happen and we want you to feel good about the value you get here!  This is why we are SO pleased to present the many following options to help you retain value in one of your cherished missed lessons or classes! 

To Qualify for ANY option…you must inform the studio (435) 239-3059, VIA TEXT MESSAGE no later than 24 hours BEFORE your scheduled lesson time.  This makes it so the Director has time to inform the teacher of the plan.

Group Classes may “make up” a missed class using ONLY Option #3 below.

PPC is a unique Group Offering and therefore qualifies for any of Options 1-3, but NOT Option #4.   PPC is held for only the scheduled weeks and will not go longer to make up student absences.

Private Lessons may utilize Options 1-3 (and during Summer Session, Option 4) below.

Make Up Options…

  • Option #1 – BEST Option for PRIVATE STUDENTS – TRADE Lesson Times with Another Student (PPC students must trade with another PPC student)… Student/parent Contact Info has been emailed to Private Students. After you have made arrangements to trade, INFORM THE DIRECTOR via text message, (435) 239-3059, who is coming to what time & teacher so that the Director can give the teacher a heads up.  To see lesson schedule, teacher and instrument, click here:  Summer Schedule 2021, or, Sept-May Schedule 2021-22.  
  • Option #2 – PRIVATE STUDENTS can have a Sibling Attend the Lesson…It works fine for a sibling or even the parent to come in the student’s place and receive a lesson from the teacher.  Our teachers are trained to do these impromptu lessons and are prepared to teach a variety of things that are fun and valuable to learn.  INFORM THE DIRECTOR via text message, (435) 239-3059, by NOON the day of the lesson so they can give the teacher notice.
  • Option #3 – Student or Sibling Attends Group Class…Simply choose the Group Class that is desired for make-up, and INFORM THE DIRECTOR via text message to 435-239-3059 no later than 24 hours PRIOR to your scheduled time, OR the desired makeup class, whichever comes first.
  • Option #4 – SUMMER, only – PRIVATE STUDENTS, only…During Summer Session, our Private Teachers are available to teach from June 7 through August 16 – that is 10 weeks.  You may choose ANY of those 10 weeks to receive your 8 lessons, but the studio must be informed via TEXT message to 435-239-3059 no later than 24 hours PRIOR to your scheduled time.  Cancellations after this time, and no-shows are counted as one of the 8 as to respect the time and agreement made with the instructor.