Group & Class Policies

Group & Class Policies

Musikgarten Family Materials

Musikgarten Family Materials are required for Musikgarten classes.  The same materials are used for each level each year, so once you make the investment, younger children will be able to reuse them.  All materials are used on a weekly basis in class and at home.  See Tuition & Materials Price Sheet for Materials Payment amounts and due dates. Home, World, and Keyboard classes should bring their materials weekly for use in class.  Please leave the CD at home so it will not become damaged.

Registration Fees

Registration Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and is DUE UPON REGISTRATION.  This reserves your child’s spot.  Returning students will only receive first priority for placement in classes if their registration form and fee have been received.  Registrants by phone or at the first class will be accommodated as long as slots are available.  Slots are allocated on a “first come, first served” basis.

Discounts and Scholarships

Discounts & Scholarships are offered when a family enrolls more than one child in Musikgarten classes. A 10% off tuition discount is given for all but the oldest child.  Discounts do not apply to Private Lessons. Those bartering for tuition are excluded from all discounts.  Please ask for more info.  Scholarships are available and may be obtained by application and approval.  Families can also receive a $10 discount on tuition for each NEW FAMILY (not per student) they bring to the program.

Tuition, Teacher Cancellations & Student Absences

You will choose your Tuition Payment Plan.  You can pay once for the year, at the beginning of each semester, or by the month.  Tuition is DUE by the FIRST of each month.  Late fees apply to delinquent accounts on the 2nd.  If needed, a more individualized payment plan can be arranged through the Director but must be arranged prior to due dates if late fees are to be avoided.  Refunds are given for teacher-cancelled classes that are not made up and never refunded for student cancellations and/or absences.

Parent Involvement

The parent/caregiver attends all or part of class with the child because they can take the content of class home.  Babies, Toddlers & Cycles classes, the parent attends the entire class with the child.  For Music Makers Home, World, and Keyboard classes, the parent attends 15 minutes of the class with the child for parent time. Parent time is usually the last 15 minutes of class.

Please & Thank You


Try not to miss, except for illness.  Make this class a priority and your child will become comfortable enough in class to explore the material and learn it in meaningful ways.

Sick Policy

Please show consideration for other children and the teacher.  Do NOT send a child to class who will obviously spread illness to others…fever, cough, runny nose or eyes…or who feels miserable.  Keeping your child home under these circumstances will help class sessions to continue as planned.


Park along the WEST side of parking area without blocking southward farmer access or garage-carport parking areas of residences.

Street Safety

Please be careful turning into and pulling out of our lane!  Cars travel fast on the main road, so please take great caution!  Please drive slowly down our lane, even if you are late for class.  This will keep children safe and keep road maintenance expenses to a minimum.

Dress Comfortably

This class is heavy on movement and floor activities.  You may not want to send girls in dresses.

Be on Time

Class will start and end on time.  It is very important the child is present for those first minutes of class.  Plan to arrive a few minutes early.  In winter months, arrive early enough to remove coats, etc. Please do not drop off your child more than 5 minutes before class and be on time picking him/her up.

Parent Time

Your attendance during parent time is very important to your child.  Your absence or late arrival does have an emotional/social impact on your child.  This is his/her special time with you and should be made a priority.

Hands & Feet

A strict hand-washing policy is maintained to help preserve instrument life and minimize the spread of germs.  Shoe removal is also requested.  Keyboard students are expected to keep their nails short and will be asked to clip them if needed.

Toys, Gum, Candy, Food & Birthday Treats

If you feel a small child must bring a special toy or blanket, try asking him to find a “special spot” on the piano to place it until after class.  Often these objects distract other children.  If your child has a real need for this object, please inform the teacher so that this special need may be met.  If you feel you need to bring snacks for your children who are with you in the waiting area, please have them eat them outside.  This keeps the furniture clean and in good repair.  Students will be asked to get rid of gum or candy it if they have it in class.  If you choose to bring birthday treats, please bring store-bought items that are individually wrapped.

Visitors and Other Siblings

Those not registered in the class should not attend unless arrangements are made with the teacher beforehand.  You and your child will enjoy this special bonding time.  Family Music Nights are a great time to include extended family and friends.