Our Story

Our Story

Years ago when Nan Croney chose a degree, she intentionally chose a path that allowed her to stay at home with her children, develop her talents, contribute income and give something positive to the community.  Piano was a natural choice for her, yet after children came, she began searching for methods of teaching music that were effective with young children.  With a curious and busy 2-year old and a deep desire to help him develop a love of music, Nan needed to expand her teaching style – she was led to discover the magic of Musikgarten!


Lorna Heyge, the founder and writer of Musikgarten, was Nan’s first trainer.  She had quite an impact as she introduced the world of Early Childhood Music.  Knowing something about differentiation to accommodate Learning Styles, Holistic Education, Maria Montessori’s way of observing and following the child, and education for human development made sense!  Through Ed Gordon’s Music-Learning Sequence Nan could truly see how music truly is a language, and that creating True Music Literacy meant musical development needed to parallel language as well as all areas of child development.  Lorna taught the Roots of Musikgarten, influenced by the work Alfred Tomatis who truly identified the role of the ear in learning.  Recognizing Aural Learning as her own primary learning pathway, Tomatis’ work resonated.  Lorna introduced Nan personally to the work of DeeJoy Coulter, and the neuroscience of music, which supported her belief that music has many benefits.   The link between movement and learning, and recognizing sensory-motor as the child’s primary way of learning helped Nan realize how important it is for children to move.  Little by little, Musikgarten became the foundation of what would one day be The Harmony Arts Way.

Croney Music Garden

As Musikgarten grew, Croney Music Garden became the official name of the studio, and “growing musical families” was our mission.  Before long the entire Musikgarten program was offered and thriving.  After Nan’s children were grown, the time was right to start expanding into new programs.  

Harmony Arts and Music Academy

In spring of 2018 the time was right, so we began offering private Drums and Guitar, and added new Summer programs.  Princess and Hero Camps, Choir, Drum Camp, Art and even Crochet became summer regulars.  In December of 2019, we changed our name to Harmony Arts and Music Academy.   We intentionally chose to use both “arts” and “music” even though music is of course, one of the arts, in order to send a clear message of what we offer here – we’re not just about music anymore!  It took a lot of faith and teamwork to get these programs up and running and many gifted individuals contributed to our offerings, for which we are truly grateful.

We have witnessed the impact our programs have on children and families and remain convinced that our program is worth every effort.  Our greatest desire is to create an emotionally safe space where all come to enjoy the arts, where their worth is validated, and where they can recognize and develop potential.