Our Story

Our Story

Why Musikgarten?

After beginning musical training through traditional schooling, Nan Croney quickly realized that the teaching methods she had learned were not effective with young children. With a two-year-old of her own and a deep desire to help him develop a love of music, she felt inspired to begin searching for a fun, effective, and child-friendly way to teach music.

When Nan discovered Musikgarten, she was came to understand music is so much more than a gift or skill to master–it is a tool that supports child development in many areas. She noticed Musikgarten helped children communicate emotions, needs, and desires.

Croney Music Garden

Starting the Croney Music Garden in the Tremonton, Utah area was an adventure. Nan started teaching “Cycles” and “Music Makers in the Home” in her basement. A year later she built a new home with a studio space. She added courses for toddlers, keyboarding, and summer music camps.

Soon Croney Music Garden added more teachers and more programs. We added choir, guitar, and ukulele classes. We started offering other programs including Princess Camp, Hero Camp, and preschool.

The Impact

It took a lot of faith and teamwork to get these programs up and running. We have seen the impact it has on children in the community. Children are happy and thriving. They are learning new musical skills along with confidence and a healthy work ethic. Children are learning they can do hard things, if they keep trying and never give up. After seeing the impact we are convinced the program is worth the effort we put into it.

Harmony Arts Academy

Our long-term vision is to continue to provide opportunities for children to explore the world around them through music and movement. We will continue to help them discover the power of friendship and teamwork. We want them to achieve goals, be successful, and inspire others.

…To be continued…