Our Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Harmony Arts Academy is a place where students and their families come to be uplifted by the arts, where they learn to love learning and serving, and where their great worth and potential is validated and strengthened.

Our Values

Be Responsible

Take ownership of the work you do and make it your best work. Know when to ask for help. When you make a mistake, make it right and then some.

Deliver Positive Energy

Bring your positive energy to students, customers and other employees. Answer with more “yes” than “no”, give more compliments than corrections, have more positive suggestions than criticism and show that you value each person’s self-worth.

Make It Happen

Actions speak louder than words. Jump in and get it done now, regardless of the obstacles.

Deliver the Best Experience

Give customers of all ages (yes, even children are customers) the best experience every time through preparation of lesson plans, asking for help when needed, giving prompt and accurate information and creating a safe and caring environment.

Respect Others’ Values

Value the conservative views of our community and be a role model of that mindset.

Be Observant

Be aware of how Harmony Arts Academy looks, sounds, smells and feels at any given moment. Do what you can to ensure we are ready for our newest, longest, and best customer to walk in the door.

Be Teachable

Look for and implement the best practices. Be receptive to learning from staff observations, training materials and training classes.  Achieve YOUR next level of greatness.

Show Confidence

You have been training your entire life to be what you are today. Perform and speak with confidence.

Be Flexible to Change

Harmony Arts Academy is striving to improve, so flow with the changing current.  Give you creative ideas freely to help improve the overall employee and customer experience. Always imagine!

Build A Simple System for the Future

Look for the simplest and smartest way to get a result, and then leave a written record of what you have done so others can learn from you.