Our Mission and Values

Mission Statement

Nurturing confidence, connection and community through the arts!

Team Code & Company Values

Team Code:  V-I-S-I-O-N!

Venture fearlessly!

SHOW CONFIDENCE – You have been training your entire life to be who you are today. Perform and speak with confidence. Believe in yourself and others will, too! Your confidence will lead you to see the best in others, better enabling you to help them increase confidence in themselves.

BE ASSERTIVE – Describe feelings and behaviors without using labels or placing blame. Be the advocate for others in the conversation, even if their opinions oppose your own. Suggest ideas that address as many concerns as you are able. Ask questions that ensure instructions and solutions are understood.

Innovate creative solutions!

ASSIST SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT – Look for the simplest and smartest way to get a result, and then leave a written record of what you have done so others can learn from you. Systems are building blocks that improve efficiency, effectiveness, and growth.

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX – Look at problems as a challenge to be creative and innovative!  Ponder on the needs of the individual and ask for help, research, and create!   Be open and teachable but unsusseptible to the negative influence of others.

Stretch and grow!

ALLOW FLEXIBILITY – Harmony Arts is striving to improve, so flow with the changing current. Give your creative ideas freely to help improve the overall employee and customer experience.   Choose to believe in the law of abundance.

REMAIN TEACHABLE – We believe that a world without the arts is a world without the basic tenets of humanity.  We know to support and promote this belief, we must seek continual improvement by taking correction with dignity, humility, and respect. Give others the benefit of the doubt that they are doing the same. Achieve YOUR next level of greatness, and be happy for others when they do, too!

Inspire and uplift!

PROMOTE POSITIVITY – Bring your positive energy to students, parents and other employees.  Answer with more “yes”s than “no”s, give more compliments than corrections, have more positive suggestions than criticism.

CREATE A SAFE SPACE – Show that you value each person’s self-worth.  Willingly consider the ideas of others and when those ideas inspire and uplift, validate them warmly.  Do and say only what will build confidence and independence and use only material and content that inspires and uplifts.

FIND JOY – In every task you do, in every relationship you have at Harmony Arts, FIND JOY.  There is always something to be thankful for and in that gratitude we find joy.  Help others find that, also.  Be a builder and an influencer for good!

Observe and own!

BE RESPONSIBLE – Take ownership of the work you do and make it your best. Know when to ask for help. When you make a mistake, make it right and then some. Be prepared to deliver the best experience.

INCREASE DEPENDABILITY – Make things happen. Be the one to initiate action and accomplishment. Jump in and get assignments done now, regardless of the obstacles. Do what you can to ensure we are ready for our newest, most dedicated student to walk in the door.

BE OBSERVANT – Make note of students’ individual behaviors, habits, interests, struggles, etc. so you recognize when additional support or a different avenue of teaching may be needed. Be aware of how Harmony Arts looks, sounds, smells and feels at any given moment.

Nurture warmly!

MODEL RESPECT – Think first, “How might my words or actions affect others’ feelings? How would I want them to say or do this toward me?” Respect, love, and be patient with yourself. Stand up for yourself in a kind and respectful manner. Value the conservative views of our community and model that mindset.

SUPPORT PARENTS – Accept the truth that home is the first and most important school for the child.  Strive to support parents in their endeavors to educate their family in the arts.  Provide simple and helpful resources to help them support their student.

Harmony Arts and Music Academy is a place where all come:

… to be uplifted by the arts, 

… to feel respected, valued and strengthened,

… to discover and grow potential,

… to be curious, rejoice in discovery, and learn to love learning, 

… to find joy in sharing and serving!

We hope this is where you dare to Dream Big!