Meet Our Teachers

Meet Our Teachers

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Nan received a Bachelor of Music in Piano Pedagogy from Utah State University in 1994. Since 1990, she has taught music and theory classes in her private studio and at the Utah State University Youth Conservatory. While at the conservatory she served on the Board of Directors and received both the Teaching Assistant of the Year and Teacher of the Year awards. Nan served on the Board of Directors for the Lincoln Youth Symphony in Brigham City, Utah for two years. Nan completed every level of early childhood music training with Musikgarten. She served as a Musikgarten company elite Teacher Trainer for several years teaching workshops. Nan is a current member of the Early Childhood Music and Movement Association and is level II certified. She is also a member of the Music Teacher's National Association and the National Federation of Music Clubs where her students have received high honors. She loves to teach, develop curriculum, play the piano, sing, play ukulele, read, camp, boat, snow & water ski and pretty much do anything with her family, and especially tend grand kids! Her favorite thing to do is take road trips with her family across the United States and go on dates with her handsome husband, Ronnie.

Kierste Carter keeps the books running smoothly for us here at Harmony Arts. It is her friendly voice on the other end of the phone when you have billing questions.

Kierste earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Utah State University, majoring in Family, Consumer and Human Development with and emphasis in Family Finance (financial counseling and education). Prior to working for Harmony Arts, Kierste worked for Intermountain Healthcare as a Patient Service Representative, where she also did billing, coding, audits, and processed financial assistance applications.

Kierste is married to Trent Carter and they are the parents of three boys.

Erin spent two years at Snow College before transferring to Utah State University where she received a bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She loved working with children and teens then, and still does now. Erin is very perceptive of student needs and has a gift of adapting to meet them in the moment. Erin has been teaching piano for over 10 years and continues to teach private piano and voice from her home. She teaches Musikgarten Classes and has directed the Children's Choir at Harmony Arts Academy. Our students love her enthusiasm and positive energy. Erin has four rowdy boys and one sweet little girl. She loves the positive influence that Musikgarten has on her family. Her favorite things usually involve her children, the outdoors, music, caramel or chocolate, and her very best friend (and husband), Trevor.

Josie first joined Croney Music Garden when she was six years old and a student in Miss Nan's Musikgarten class. She studied there for four years, followed by six years with Anna Parsons. She also took violin and viola lessons from Diane Austin for nine years and has been studying the organ since 2017. After playing in the Northern Utah Youth Symphony for two years, she joined the board of directors for the Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society. She enjoys helping children and youth love music, no matter the instrument or the age, and is excited to join Harmony Arts and Music Academy.

Josie taught special education for three years at Bear River Charter School in Logan. She also helped teach the Montessori program at Centro de la Familia de Utah in Honeyville and appreciates the peaceful atmosphere found both in Montessori and Musikgarten.

Josie is a homebody and loves Utah, but she has also enjoyed traveling to Oregon, Virginia, and her favorite, Iceland. She dreams of one day having a farm and raising animals, children, and vegetables. Josie can't wait to spend time teaching, singing, and playing with Musikgarten families!

Josie will be teaching preschool on Thursdays and assisting with various Musikgarten classes. She has a fun and bubbly personality and understands the Musikgarten philosophy as she experienced it as a child herself. Josie is kind and caring and makes learning music FUN!

Josh has a passion for sharing the love of musical communication with others through teaching and performance. He grew up playing all sorts of musical instruments from the jaw harp to the guitar to the drum set. Josh has a love for all of the performing arts, from music to poetry to dance. Josh loves to play ice hockey in Logan and plays for the Jr. Yetis (pink uniforms). His favorite hockey teams are the LA Kings and the St. Louis Blues. His most exciting adventures are with his family. He has been married to his wife Taylor since 2008 and together they have four amazing boys: Alastair, Lachlan, Angus and Callum. They all love going on hikes or camping together and they frequently have sword fights or Nerf fights. Josh brings 19 year of experience playing the drum set and "performing" live for his church (River of Life Church, Tremonton). He loves helping kids ages 1-99+ find a love for music and expression through sound. We are so happy to have Josh on board!

Heidi Bodrero is the mother of 7 amazing people and is married to her Kinght in shining armor! She is a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath, Tuning Fork Specialist, and has completed Iridology Certification. She is a mentor and especially loves mentoring children. She has homeschooled her children for 8 years. She has mentored children in their homeschool co-op for over 6 years. Musikgarten has been an important part of her homeschool curriculum. She sees the value of music in the lives of children and the power music has to help a child discover, and grow into their true identity. She loves helping others succeed and get excited about learning. Heidi has supported her children as they have progressed throughout the entire Harmony Arts Musikgarten curriculum from Toddlers to Keyboard, and Private Instrument study.

Hi! I'm Jennifer Richardson and I'm thrilled to be part of the staff at Harmony Arts!

For the past eight years I've worked in BESD with kids with disabilities. What a great source of joy that has been in my life! One of the many things I've learned from that experience is that I'm not always the teacher. In fact, more often than not I came to recognize that the students had so much more to teach me than I had for them. That created space for tremendous personal growth, for which I'm eternally grateful.

I'm the wife of the most incredible man on the planet! It's a blessing and a challenge to be married to a man that's actually that good. I'm pleased and thankful to be the mother of 5 children: 4 daughters and 1 son, aka the Fab Five. Some might think that title belongs to a famous musical group, but I personally think it's fitting of my own crew. My youngest, Becca, is also employed at Harmony Arts. I'm also Nana to 4 of most darling boys who know how to wrap me around their tiny fingers. 😁

I love the great outdoors but in all honesty I'm a fair-weather friend. The snow and cold are not my favorite. I was born and raised in Southern California so I'm quite certain sand and surf course through my veins. Beach should be my middle name.

I've served in many volunteer positions in the community and in my church. I started with PTA in the mid 90's and served in many capacities, advocating for all children, not just my own. I've served in PTA alone for more than 20 years.

I am a licensed and registered foot zoner and enjoy learning about health and various modalities that improve health in all ways: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I'm a believer in lifting where we stand and sharing our gifts and talents with those around us. However small my own contribution might be, I believe each light can make a difference. We all have something to contribute that blesses others.

Music has always been a source of learning, happiness, and comfort to me. I strongly encouraged my children (they might use the word 'forced' 😁) to have various music lessons as part of their learning. I've always believed music enhances all learning, including academics. Music speaks the words of our souls that so often our hearts and mouths don't have the ability or vocabulary to express. It is an excellent and worthy source of self-expression.

Meet Lindsey Richards! Lindsey has studied piano since she was seven years old. She loves to play the piano, take pictures and spend time with her family.

Lindsey teaches Private Piano Lessons here at Harmony Arts Academy/CMG. Her students enjoy her sweet personality. She loves to get to know her students and teach them how to enjoy music. Her experience also includes assisting in Keyboard Classes and our Preschool of the Arts.

Shelby has been playing the piano for over 6 years. Shelby recently though, grew to love piano again through the Harmony Arts program. She hopes to help her students find a love for music as she did. Shelby works as a Classroom Assistant and as a member of the Harmony Arts/CMG office staff.

Shelby loves to have fun! Camping, paddle boarding, and tennis are what she fills her days with.

Ben has been playing music for seven years. He started playing piano when he was eight years old. Ben eventually moved on to a more sophisticated teacher that taught him theory and technique. Ben started drum lessons when he was ten years old. His first teacher at the time was a high school drummer who taught him to love the drums and music in general. After a year, Ben started training with a more advanced teacher who taught him proper technique, form, and rudiments. It was with this teacher that Ben became fluent in all major genres of music. Ben's favorite genres to play are Big Band Swing and Latin. Ben joined the BHRS Jazz Band when he was a freshman. It was in this band that Ben was able to apply everything he had learned in private lessons. Ben believes that with the right guidance, anyone can learn to love music. Ben loves teaching music and is excited to teach at Harmony Arts. When Ben is not practicing music, he is usually playing soccer. Ben has been playing soccer since a young age and is also on the BRHS Boys Soccer Team. Ben also loves playing video games and his friends.
I have been playing guitar since I was eight years old. I am a senior in high school and the oldest in my family. I enjoy playing guitar in a band called 43 West, and I also participate in a School of Rock program in Cache Valley. I enjoy writing songs and performing. I have had many great experiences because I play guitar. I have met amazing people and made my closest friends because I play guitar. I have also had so much fun performing and playing with bands. I want to teach others how to play so they can have experiences like these, too! I enjoy kids and love teaching.

Nathan has been with Harmony Arts since childhood and graduated from the Musikgarten Program. He has studied piano with Nan Croney since 2013, and assisted classes and in the lab since 2017. He is the oldest of seven children, five of which are boys. He loves to play soccer, as well as playing the piano and ukulele. He is great with kids, and is friendly, charismatic, and ready to help you have fun! One of the many things we love about Nathan, is that he is a self-starter. When he sees something that needs to be done, he figures out how to do it and gets the job done. Nathan has exceptional music skills and great intuition when it comes to figuring out how to help students.

Nathan works at Harmony Arts Academy as a Lab Assistant, Office Help and as a Teaching Assistant in Keyboard Classes.

Becca is the youngest in a family of five children that are all musicians. Her entire family values the power of music as an integral part of life-long learning. She is in 9th grade and plays the violin in the orchestra. She also takes piano lessons. She would like to take formal dance training.

She loves music in all forms and finds joy in incorporating it into various tasks throughout the day. She truly has the ability to "whistle while [she] works!" Besides her love of music, Becca also loves children. She is so grateful for the opportunity to work for Miss Nan and share her happy heart and love of music with others.

Gracie loves to play the piano and has been playing for as long as she can remember! "it's my favorite thing to do!", she says! She is the second youngest in her family. Gracie loves spending time with family and friends. She enjoys meeting new people and talks to everyone she meets!