More than Music!

by Natalie Crookston

It’s spring! And we’re at the end of classes for the year, which is a great time to reflect on the progress your child has made over the past year.  In each of the daily and weekly practices, it’s often hard to notice the progress that’s being made, but when looking over the whole year, we can see lots of changes.  I’m sure you can see the improvements your children have made in their abilities to play the piano, read music, and recognize patterns.  For this article, I thought I’d highlight some of the skills that children also learn, in addition to music, through the Music programs here at Harmony Arts.

Respect for the accomplishments of others

Emotional management

Positive talk/affirmations

Goal setting




Finding their voice/ identity

Expression in a safe environment


Presentation skills




Celebration in success

Changing mistakes made to lessons learned

We’ve loved working with you and your children this year and hope you have a fun-filled summer.  We look forward to seeing you next year!