Meet Jared Bodrero!

Jared is a fun-loving guy.  Though at first sight he appears quiet and reserved, once you get to know him he carries a fun energy. He loves playing the piano and his favorite songs are the ones where he gets to move his fingers quickly.  He also enjoys playing and improvising on the drums. He is usually tapping on something, working with his hands, or running around. 

Jared has a great sense of awareness and loves figuring out how things are put together and how they work. He recently discovered an excitement for electricity and building his own circuits. He created his own night lights with circuit boards, LED lights, resistors, and a battery. He is gaining a love for dancing.  He enjoys jumping around, doing line dances, and even ballroom dancing. Though reading is not his favorite, he loves the book “Mindset” by Carol Dweck and is focused on keeping a growth mindset. 

Jared is a great help at Harmony Arts and Music Academy where he is a valued member of the staff, assisting in Keyboard 1 and office work, and filling in wherever help is needed. Jared’s students know it will be a fun day when they see him. Thank you for being ready to jump in and serve, Jared!