Meet Jacob Kropf!

Hi! My name is Jacob Kropf, and I am a drum and ukulele instructor at Harmony Arts. I was born in Colorado Springs and raised in Bothwell (a.k.a. West Tremonton).

At a young age, I was enrolled in piano lessons. As I learned how to play, my interest in the piano faded, and I decided I had to try something else. I next tried learning the guitar, and absolutely loved it! But just like the piano, I just didn’t really feel like the guitar was the instrument for me.

When I made it to sixth grade at Harris Intermediate School in Tremonton, I took the beginning band class where I found out what I liked to play: the drums! As soon as I started playing the drums, I fell in love! I started with just the basic percussion instruments, but soon expanded till I learned how to play on a drum kit. I would practice for hours on end with my headphones in, playing along to my favorite songs. (Luckily I have some really nice neighbors!)

Jacob drumming, age 13
Jacob performing drums at a church party, as part of the “Bothwell Beach Boys”

When I was in eighth grade, I decided I wanted to play in the high school’s jazz band. I kept practicing as much as I could, and when auditions rolled around, I made it! I started playing in the Bear River High School jazz band when I entered my freshman year. At the same time, I also started marching band! I started out just playing the crash cymbals, and then moved to the snare drum, and finally the quads. I played drums at Bear River for my entire high school career.

Jacob in the Bear River High School Marching Band, age 14

Also during that time, I worked as a drum instructor for Harmony Arts and Music Academy. After I graduated from high school, I kept playing the drums, but didn’t get the chance to perform for a while. In October of 2020, I found out about the Nauvoo Performing Mission! It is a three to six month service mission where young adult members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints can go share the light of the gospel through performance. I auditioned for a spot as the drummer for the Nauvoo Brass Band, and in May of 2021 I left home to serve in Nauvoo, Illinois. For six months, I served alongside some of the best missionaries and musicians I have ever met. While there I played the drums every day, and learned a lot about the drums.

I returned home in October of 2021, and have since returned to Harmony Arts and Music Academy to share my love and knowledge of the drums! Now I am going to Utah State University, studying Mechanical Engineering. I love to read, work on cars, go outside, draw, and play music with my friends!

Jacob’s drum students love to learn from him – he brings an excitement and passion for drumming that is contagious! This is a great time to get to know Jacob, at the Rhythm Rockstars and Garage Band Experience Days on Feb. 22-24. Also, Jacob currently has a few openings left for private drum and ukulele lessons! Come and join in!