Harmony Arts Service Performance Opportunities

by Natalie Crookston

One of the real blessings of learning and being able to play an instrument is the joy you can bring into this world and into the lives of people around you.  New this year to Harmony Arts are Service Performance Opportunities, optional opportunities provided for our students to share what they’ve learned and bring joy to the residence of the Our House Assisted Living Center.  I know as a mother that I love to hear the music of my children playing the piano—even their beginning learning sounds.  I love the spirit it adds to our home when a visitor plays something they know on the piano.  And there are many times I have been touched and inspired by the music that has been shared formally or informally.  These service performances are an opportunity for our children to share with, touch, and bring joy to the lives of people outside of their home and typical interactions and to people who don’t get to enjoy our children’s music as often as we do.

There are so many benefits that come from participating in these Service Performances.  Not only is it an opportunity for our children to serve by giving of themselves, bringing joy and touching the life of someone else.  It’s an opportunity for them to share what they have been working on and learning.  It gives purpose to practicing for our children to have music that will be shared with someone outside their home.  Also, it can be so exciting for them to pick something they love playing and then prepare it for a performance.   

Speaking of performing being exciting, that isn’t necessarily the experience our children have when they get up to share their piece, which brings up another benefit of participating in these service performances:  Performing. And: performing in a friendly, safe, low-key environment.  To most people, having all eyes and ears on you feels scary.  When we encourage our children to share of themselves in small, safe settings, it builds their confidence to be able to share in larger settings.  My mom was always having me informally perform for family members (grandmas, grandpas, aunts, and uncles) who stopped by to visit.  In the Keyboard classes, our students get little mini opportunities to informally perform periodically for their classmates and parents.  These Harmony Arts Service Performances may be the right next step in building your child’s confidence in performing, as well as an opportunity for your child to serve and share love through their heart this holiday season. 

Here are the details for our first opportunity this year:

Who: Any Private, PPC, or Musikgarten Keyboard Student–sign up with your teacher.

What:  Play anything you have ready that your teacher has approved.

Where: Our House Assisted Living Center

429 N. 400 W. Tremonton

Come dressed your best.

When: November 22, 4:30-6:30 pm (open-house style)

In order to keep numbers down, performers should arrive 10 minutes before their scheduled performance time, wearing a mask that may be removed during their performance.