World Celebrations!

Four times during the school year, our Music Makers Around the World Class students (around age 5) experience a celebration of a world culture we just finished exploring.  This is a magical, multi-sensory event where all in attendance are immersed in the arts and history of a particular culture.  We feel the best way to develop a love and appreciation for the world we live in is to explore the best it has to offer, and this is often the arts!

The students invite a significant adult in their life to join them in this celebration where we immerse ourselves in singing, dancing, playing instruments, listening, telling tales, reciting poetry and best of all, tasting food from that culture.  Having this significant adult present and participating during this celebration is a very important piece of our students’ arts education at Harmony Arts.  Let me explain:

THE SIGNIFICANT ADULT.  A week before the celebration, the student receives an invitation in class to give to an adult of their choosing.  This can be a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, neighbor, or any adult that is important to the student.  This lucky invitee joins the student at the celebration and participates with them.  Don’t worry – we take it easy on the adults!

Most adults do not readily realize how important their role is.  Besides sharing goodness and enjoying the arts together, another main purpose for including the significant adult is that we know the adult’s presence and participation validate this experience and support its importance in the student’s life.  Just by coming, smiling, and participating, however the adult feels comfortable, the student:

…sees and experiences an important person in their life doing the activities they have been 
doing throughout the unit.  Nothing validates the importance of the arts more than the adult 
participating with the child!  The adult’s actions speak so loudly that even though the child will not 
remember what was said, they will remember how they felt when someone they love took 
the time and effort to do what they were doing.

…feels validated in participating in the arts.

…experiences a new level of bonding with that adult.  Studies show that sensory-motor 
experiences are mapped on the child’s body and these experiences that are especially dear to 
them form a strong bond – a memory – of beautiful and meaningful experiences that were shared 

…gets an opportunity to share with someone important what they have learned and what skills 
they have gained.  This goes a long way in helping to develop confidence — for truly, a loving adult cheering them on is where confidence is nurtured.

WHY WE CELEBRATE.  At Harmony Arts, we believe life is meant to be lived fully and joyfully!  We feel it is of utmost importance to take time to celebrate the beautiful things in life.  This practice helps us stay in a mindset of gratitude and positivity.  Celebrations give us things to look forward to which fills us with anticipation and gives us hope.  Most of all, intentionally celebrating the arts of another culture opens our mind to differences by finding the common ground we all have in the human race.  This helps us see each other as family and individuals who are just trying to do our best.  These types of traditions ignites a spark in the children to provide magical experiences for their own loved ones so that as humans, we never stop celebrating goodness.

We are so looking forward to our British Isles Celebration coming up in a couple of weeks!  We can’t wait to experience the enchantment of the British culture with the adults in our students’ lives who mean so much!  If you love a child in the Music Makers Around the World class, please come join us!