Introducing Experience Days!

Experience Days

We are so happy to introduce this wonderful FREE GIFT of Experience Days to our Currently Enrolled Students this year!  

What is an Experience Day?

An Experience Day is where/when students can participate in a valuable opportunity that cannot be easily provided as part of the regular class or lesson.  It also gives students a chance to “experience” another instrument or type of class/lesson.  Experience Days will be close to the normal class length, and can include the following types of experiences:

  • Paint Class
  • Play in a Band
  • Nursery Rhymes Class (6 months – 4 years)
  • Drum Circle
  • Crochet Crazy
  • And more!

When?  Soon, you’ll find it on the Current Sept-May Calendar.  As of this writing, the best place to find it is on this post. You will find Experience Days scheduled on some of our tricky weeks, when all students would not normally receive a lesson due to a holiday.  This way all of our classes/lessons stay on the same week. Currently we are planning to have Experience Days in October 2021, January 2022, and February 2022. 

The Content of Experience Days is the BEST part!  Every week Experience Days (EDs) are held, you will find a variety of EDs to choose from, many of which will be applicable to your student’s current study.  

  • Example:  An Instrumental student chooses to attend JAM SESSION so they get the experience of playing with other musicians playing other instruments – just like playing in a band!  
  • Example:  Your student is expressing an interest in drumming, so they attend DRUM CIRCLE.
  • Example:  The student just needs a tiny break to switch things up for a week, so they attend PAINT CLASS.

Which ED to Choose?  Your student’s teacher will make a recommendation of which ED will suit your student best, but of course you/your student may choose.  Look forward to this wonderful opportunity to spread your wings!  Did we mention that EDs are FREE to Currently Enrolled Students this year!

Wait – no regular class on Experience Week?  Is that fair?  As mentioned on the Current Sept-May Price Sheet, we based Tuition prices on 28 classes/lessons, held between September 13, 2021 and the end of May 2022.  This is the SAME NUMBER of classes/lessons that we scheduled last year.  This means we have a few weeks over the 28 to utilize in case of a closure or for Experience Days.

FREE for Who?  Currently enrolled students may attend ONE Experience Day each week they are offered, for FREE!  (Remember, EDs are not part of the 28 weeks.) If there are additional EDs your students would like to attend, you may register for them also, at the same price as the general public. 

Bring a Friend!  EDs are open to the General Public, and it’s a great time to Bring a Friend to experience the magic we make together here!  Eventually, these attendees will enroll from our website,  For now, they just call/text the HAMA phone number to register: 435-239-3059. These events are NOT free to the General Public, so they will pay upon registration for the event.

PROS of Experience Days:

  • Your student still attends class that week, which helps keep them motivated and in a routine!
  • Exposure to other areas of the arts, 
  • Experience utilizing existing skills in new ways (like playing in a band),
  • A little break from the normal content, a way to change things up a little so we stay excited,
  • They are FUN, so we know you are going to LOVE them! 

To attend an Experience Day:

  • Text the studio at 435-239-3059.  State the student’s first and last name, and the ED you choose.  You will get a confirmation text back.  
  • If you sign up in the portal it will charge you, so don’t do that!
  • Note:  Feel free to share this info with friends!  Ask them to mention you when they register!

Come have an enchanting Experience Day with us!