Meet Natalie Crookston!

Natalie Crookston has been a committed Musikgarten/Harmony Arts mom since 2009 and loves the difference Musikgarten has made in her home.  She says, “There are so many things I love about Musikgarten!  I love the music education our entire family receives.  I love the connection of the studio as well as the connection my children learn as they learn about animals and people of different cultures.  I love that it is so fun.  My kids look forward to their classes every week and every year and usually don’t mind practicing because they love the songs they are learning and the environment of their classes.  I even feel that I am a better and calmer mother because of the parenting education I’ve received through Musikgarten.”

Natalie grew up in Idaho Falls and started learning to play the piano when she was 3 ½ years old.  When she was 6, she started participating in a Music Federation program.  After three years of consecutive superior scores, she received a trophy and realized she had started early enough that if she got a superior score every year she would be able to get four trophies- a rarely received award.  This became a driving goal to get the fourth and largest trophy, which she did.  This was such a long-range goal and took so much dedication, that it is one of her treasured achievements. 

Another dream Natalie had was to marry the love of her life and be the mother of lots of cute little children.  In 2005 she married her true love and now is a homeschooling mother of six sweet children.   She loves and feels grateful to be living her dream.  Of course, there are plenty of days when she has to remind herself to be grateful and remember that this is the dream she desired.  Some of their favorite things to do are turn some fun music up really loud and dance all over the house, snuggle and read together, explore in nature, and create. 

Now, Natalie is part of the Harmony Arts team writing blog articles, sharing what she has learned and loves about music, and helping other families along their musical journey.  Natalie is perfectly positioned to do this job having been a student, a parent, and now a teacher of the Musikgarten program. Natalie is thoughtful and insightful and has a strong desire to help other parents be successful with their music education.  We appreciate her so much! Stay tuned for more of her terrific articles!