Preschool 2021-2022

Preschool is such a terrific time! Exploring, learning, trying new things and making new friends! Our Preschool has been built upon the magical Musikgarten Curriculum that our families know and love! Singing, movement, theatrics, playing instruments, patterns and focused listening activities are the core of our program. Kindergarten Readiness Skills are part of every day, along with Arts & Crafts and lots of Exploration!

WHY ARTS AND NATURE? In our Preschool, these are the vehicles for accomplishing our greater goal: helping kids learn to be good humans. Children are intrigued by nature and love the creativity and exploration that the arts provide, so we feel this is the BEST environment for a child to learn and grow in.

MUSIC: Our unique approach to music pairs the pathway of Music Literacy with the pathway of Reading Literacy. Because we walk alongside this natural developmental process, children learn music easily, developing a relationship with it that progresses through our entire Program Suite. You see, when you bring your child to Harmony Arts, we have a multi-year plan in place to beautifully nurture your child. This music content immerses children in a rich environment of creative movement, playing instruments, rhythm and tonal pattern work, singing, and reading and writing music notation, which creates the foundation for a musical life! In addition to building music skills, these activities aid in building teamwork, cooperation, language, compassion and empathy.

… Kindergarten Readiness Skills are addressed continually throughout the year. We perform valuations three times a year, because we value understanding your child and make this activity special. We do this in order to lay a foundation for peace and calm in future school assessments. Feel assured that we know exactly what your child is learning, and you will, too, as we share these results with you.
… Many messy hands-on experiments are sure to cultivate your child’s curiosity – we love a good mess when it comes to learning!
… Handwriting is developed gently throughout the year by using the acclaimed Handwriting Without Tears program, which builds the skill gradually and easily. Your child will enjoy these activities and books.
… Your preschooler will also complete one year of our Musikgarten music curriculum, as it is embedded in daily lesson content. This means your child will continue progressing in our music program while preparing for Kindergarten! You get BOTH the music class AND preschool, while being enrolled only in preschool!

PRICING: Our all-inclusive pricing includes your monthly tuition, Musikgarten Family Materials, and two Handwriting Without Tears books, all in one monthly fee of $100, September-May. Paying your Annual Preschool Registration Fee NOW of $50 (non-refundable) ensures your child’s spot for fall.
Children enjoy themselves at Preschool of the Arts, so naturally, they wholeheartedly immerse in our learning environment, making the fondest of memories with their Preschool friends.
We strive to hold a magical space that will help your child: learn to LOVE learning; learn how to be an outstanding friend; feel confident; show love and respect for themself and others, and be curious, fascinated by nature, and captivated by the arts!

We look forward to working with your child…and you!