Rise & Shine!

Rise & Shine is a new program at Harmony Arts and Music Academy!

You might be wondering why Harmony Arts is offering a program geared toward self-improvement, goal-setting, and developing emotional resilience.  We are SO excited to share our “why” about this program, because we know how impactful it will be!

What is the RISE PROGRAM?  The Rise Program was developed because of our desire to help students further develop specific non-musical skills we often touch on in lessons.  We have always felt that music lessons teach more than just music, such as goal setting, journaling, combating negativity, and rising to challenges.  We know how strong the youth of today need to be to navigate this often difficult world we live in.  We know they need to not only know about emotional resilience, but they need to own it like never before.  This requires additional opportunity to learn how to really use these skills, a framework from which to practice them over a period of time, and caring mentors who can offer customized direction and help.  We know the arts are a very effective vehicle for reinforcing and exploring these skills, so, we as a company want to RISE to the challenge!  It is our sincere hope that by doing so, we will give many, many students in our community the skills to Rise in their own life experience.

Rise is an entirely new branch to Harmony Arts and Music, and will encapsulate various new programs.  Our Summer Offering, “Rise and Shine,” is our inaugural class.   

“Rise and Shine” meets once a week for five weeks. This class helps children AND teens take charge of their own summer journey (and the rest of their life) in a responsible and exciting way. They will learn a variety of tools that will lead them into confidence and purpose. These tools will show them how to stand at the helm of their own thoughts and steer them in a positive direction.  They will learn tools to help them remain calm in the storm and solve problems that arise. They get to choose the target they want to go for and will be taught how to keep focus until they hit it.

In this class your student will get to explore their own creativity on a variety of levels, from creating artwork and music to creating solutions to problems and defining who they want to be and the goals they want to achieve. They will get to experience the opportunity that comes from mistakes, the excitement that comes from success, the freedom that comes from self-government, and confidence in themselves and their ability to create. 

Our wonderful mentor in this journey is Heidi Bodrero, who has a special gift for helping individuals learn to “Rise.”  We are so grateful for her contribution to this program!  Read more about Heidi on our website at http://www.harmonyarts.net/meet-our-teachers/.