Summer Drum Camp!

Summer Drum Camp! This summer, your student will have the most amazing drum experience in our two-week, 8-day Drum Camp.

THE EXPERIENCE: Your student will be led by the magical skills of Ben and David, our Drum Team, in a highly organized menagerie of rhythm, tone and timbre. Your student will experience a variety of instruments: African Djembes, Snare Drum, and a vast array of percussion instruments like shakers, rain sticks and instruments you’ve never seen or heard before!

This isn’t your everyday Drum Camp, because at Harmony Arts it is of utmost importance to us to provide every student with a highly creative experience that will send them home with toe-tapping rhythms living in their head and felt through their whole body. We want our students to participate fully, to generate their own creative ideas, and collaborate to weave their ideas together to create a result they are proud of and love to play. Your students will develop a drumming vocabulary of the most basic rhythm patterns which serve as building blocks for everything else, which includes skills such as syncopation and strumming while singing. Despite the emphasis on foundational skills, we do not dumb things down at our Drum Camp. Rather, it provides an opportunity to focus on specific skills that enhance and add dimension to our students’ overall musical experience–meaning it will even help them advance more quickly in other classes or lessons. We will begin layering new rhythms and ideas, and exposing students to layers they never knew existed! And let’s not forget that drumming is not only a load of fun, but it is healing, and even invigorating!

THE INSTRUCTORS: We are blessed to have awesome teachers at Harmony Arts! David has played drums and guitar in Argentina, Chile, and the United States, and guitar in Norway. He has spent his life in music from marching band to rock bands that hire out for gigs. Having been raised in Chile, David has experience with many styles and rhythms such as Cumbia, Salsa, Batucada, and Bachata. Ben has a variety of experience with multiple instruments such as drums and piano, and has performed as drummer for the BRHS Jazz Band. Both Ben and David have an amazing ability to connect with every student. You’ll love the pure joy and creativity these two drummers can deliver!

Make a new memory this summer – come join us! For more info or to register, send us a PM.