Resound Choir 2021

HAMA Choir from 2018!

At Harmony Arts, every experience is curated to offer the most meaningful and enriching experience possible. Are you aware of what your student will experience and gain from our Resound Choir? Take a look, you might be surprised!

Connection. For starters, we are perhaps more aware than ever of the need for social interaction, and choir provides a positive, uplifting, and emotionally safe atmosphere for meeting up with old friends and making new ones.

Mental and Physical Health. Singing regularly also releases endorphins that improve one’s overall emotional state and can even reduce stress, anxiety, and depression by providing a positive tool to managing it. It may not work the same muscles as your traditional workout, but learning to breathe and sing properly helps optimize oxygen in the bloodstream, which boosts energy and improves physical health. Did you know that many health conditions are improved by proper breathing? Studies have shown that singing “reduces shortness of breath, increases the strength of your voice, improves posture, increases lung capacity, and boosts response to infection.”1 These are only a few of the health benefits.

Self-Expression, Creativity, Confidence. Learning to sing correctly develops confidence. Confidence gives the student the courage to learn to express herself. She then finds reason to create and in our inclusive Harmony Arts community, finds validation of her ideas. When self-expression, creativity and confidence are part of the experience, the experience inadvertently helps us become better versions of ourselves – we become better humans who want to create, express and share to build others up.

The Program. This summer, we are so pleased to offer our Resound Choir experience–this time for TEENS AND children so that more youth in our community can experience the magic!

All students will gather weekly for a 75 minute class. Older teens will spend special time with a different instructor, and join the entire group for a company number. Each youth group will learn songs that are meaningful to their age group – songs they love from a variety of genres.

In addition to teaching vocal exercises and proper singing and breathing techniques, we incorporate movement and simple instrument accompaniment that the singers participate in. Our choir also experiences singing/performing with a professional drummer and/or other professional musicians to create memories that are unique and unforgettable.

Joy. We value creating opportunities for students to experience for themselves the feeling of goosebumps from a beautifully sung harmony, the breath-taking silence that follows a perfect cut-off, and the comradery of being with friends and adults who really care. Working together to create something so impactful is nothing short of magical, and we invite all community youth to immerse themselves in our “something joyful” this summer! Come join us!

Resources: Singing for Lung Health: How Singing Can Improve Your Breathing.
Authors: Maree Zollinger, Nan Croney