Meet Heidi Bodrero!

Heidi Bodrero teaches Musikgarten and Keyboard here at HAMA. She’s pictured with some of her children.

Meet Heidi Bodrero! She has a fun story about making music during her growing up years:

“As a child, coming home from the farm work in the back of the truck with my siblings, we would create music together. Someone would tap a beat on the side of the truck, someone else would make a silly animal sound, and the rest of us would add to it in whatever random sounds we could come up with. Some of them actually sounded really good and we wished we would have recorded them. That’s a fond memory I have with my siblings.” 

Music has always been a big part of her life. Here’s another fun story:

“On several occasions, as a young girl, I was caught in the local stores of my hometown, dancing with the clothes on the clothes rack to the music playing over the sound system. I would sing along and didn’t care who was watching. Even now, I gather my kids together, turn on music, and we sing and dance all over the house. I’ve also been known to make up my own songs as I cook dinner or dance with the broom as I sweep the floor.”

Doesn’t that sound like a fun home? Heidi is married to her “Knight in Shining Armor”. She has used her love of music as her 7 children have grown up in the Musikgarten program, and the older ones are now in private lessons. She is a mentor, and especially loves mentoring children. Heidi has homeschooled her children for 8 years, and has mentored children in their homeschool co-op for over 6 years. Musikgarten has been an important part of her homeschool curriculum. She sees the value of music in the lives of children, and the power music has to help a child discover, and grow into their true identity. She loves helping others succeed and get excited about learning.

Heidi is a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath, Tuning Fork Specialist, and has completed Iridology Certification.

Heidi has a way of making everyone feel important and helping people know their ideas matter. She’s approachable, insightful, and kind. We love to have her teaching Musikgarten and Keyboard here at Harmony Arts and Music Academy. Thank you for being part of our studio, Heidi!