Meet Alyssa Chapman!

Meet Alyssa Chapman! Alyssa is an administrative assistant at HAMA. She was born and raised in the Tremonton area. Music has been Alyssa’s passion since childhood, but she also enjoys reading, running, baking, and singing.

Alyssa studied piano at Snow College with an emphasis in commercial music and has taught piano for 8 years. Alyssa loves sharing music with others and had the privilege to be an accompanist for a local women’s choir for the past 2 years.

She married her High School sweetheart and they have two adorable boys! Her goals shifted after college, and she says motherhood has become the best part of her life. Her favorite thing, most of all, is to spend time with her family. They enjoy fishing, shooting, hiking and anything outdoors.

Alyssa collaborates with our team on curriculum-related projects, adding her special kind of magic. Thank you, Alyssa, for what you do at HAMA! We’re so very glad you’re here!