Meet Marie Hellewell!

Meet Marie Hellewell, Head Administrative Assistant!

We’re so excited to welcome Marie Hellewell to Harmony Arts and Music Academy. Marie handles so many things that are essential to HAMA running smoothly! We couldn’t do it without her!

Marie was born in Brigham City, Utah, although she spent most of her upbringing in Gilbert, AZ and Las Vegas, NV. Marie attended Dixie State University and studied vocal performance with scholarships for piano accompaniment, before transferring to Utah Valley University to finish her schooling.

Marie met her husband Brian and they married in 2015. They moved to Tooele, where they bought their first house a few years ago. Marie and Brian raise Great Danes. They have 3 adults now, and recently had their second litter of puppies. Marie works as a piano and vocal teacher in Tooele, and also has recently started to work as a piano technician and tuner. For fun, Marie enjoys anything social with her friends and family. 

Thank you for being part of Harmony Arts and Music Academy, Marie!