Meet Jessa Carlson!

Did you hear Jessa Carlson’s fun piano piece yet? If not, check it out:

Jazz music is so interesting and challenging to play! This piece is called Georgia Porcupine and was written by by George Fischoff. Jessa says, “My favorite part of Georgia Porcupine is all of those awesome glissandos (of course!). I stopped wearing nail polish because it would flake off of my finger nails every time I’d play it and get all over the piano! It’s a song that makes you want to get up and dance, which is another reason why I love it!”

Jessa has a passion for music and cannot wait to share it with others — and she has a funny story about that: “I made the mistake of teaching “Heart and Soul” to my siblings. My cute sisters thought it was so cool they could play this fun duet together on the piano! They would play it ALL day, and everyone got sick of it pretty quick. So I decided to start teaching my sisters so I could teach them to play something else!” Jessa ended up running her own music studio for two years!

She has been playing the piano for over 11 years. Her favorite composer is Claude Debussy and she loves all things jazz. She enjoys playing the keyboard for BRHS Jazz Band. Jessa loves little kids and she is the oldest of six. Her experience includes accompanying violin performances and playing for various church and social events.

In her free time you can find Jessa hiking, painting, or playing tennis. We love having Jessa be a part of Harmony Arts and Music Academy!