Why Art?

Painting is now part of Harmony Arts and Music Academy!

When we were still known as “Croney Music Garden,” it may have been a bit of a surprise when we started offering Drum Lessons and Children’s Choir a few years ago. We continued to add to our offerings: African Drumming, Princess and Hero Camps, Ukulele and Guitar, and now even non-musical art like painting and crochet. We changed our name a year ago to “Harmony Arts and Music Academy.” Why the change from just music to including other forms of art? I mean, if art is taught, it makes sense to include it in the name, but why teach art at a studio that initially focused solely on music? Great questions!

Today we will provide a general overview of why we are including more of the arts. Over the next few weeks, we will dive into the vision and direction of the studio to help clarify why some of the offerings were added — because there is a reason for each one!

“First of all, music is an art form!” says Nan Croney (Harmony Arts administrator). “I believe music is for everyone, and God made it because He wanted to bless all of His children — and He didn’t want them to just sit in the audience! I believe He intended for everybody to learn to use their voice and sing. People are given different gifts that should all be developed. I want our studio to be a place where gifted mentors of all kinds share what they love for the benefit of their students and our community. When we offer a greater variety of arts, more people have the opportunity to develop skills that bless their lives and the lives of others.” 

Here at Harmony Arts, even our staff members are always seeking to learn and grow. We have learned from personal experience that learning music has innumerable benefits (like improving memory, language, and spatial skills to name a few). We have also realized that other forms of art, such as painting, also have a lot to offer. It is our earnest desire to bless as many lives as we can, and we discovered that by including a broader range of artistic activities we could extend our sphere of influence to include more people. That includes staff and students alike!

We chose to embrace and teach more of the arts because they are tools for self-expression, self-discipline, and self-management. These are three of the things we have found are crucial for success in life and leadership. Children are the future, and we strive to equip them with the tools they need to succeed gloriously! Learning art teaches that it’s ok to make mistakes and encourages us to learn from them. It develops fine motor skills. It increases our awareness of ourselves and those around us–of our emotions, relationships, and influence. Painting, crocheting, singing, dancing… These are activities that are fun and effective. They help make learning and progress fun, measurable, and memorable.

It may seem simple, and that’s because it is. Including art in a music studio improves the quality of experience and deepens the retention of the skills we know are important. Variety helps repetition feel novel!