Harmony Arts and Music Academy Values

HAMA Vision!

Last week we introduced our mission statement and briefly summarized our company values. Today we’d like to expand on those values so the code we follow when making decisions is clear. We’re excited to share our “VISION” with you! (Get it?) Let’s dive on in!

V – Venture fearlessly!

We strive to show confidence in ourselves and others. When we believe in ourselves, others will, too. Confidence naturally leads its bearer to see the best in others, and sometimes belief in others is the spark they need to believe in themselves. It helps release the shackles of self-doubt and encourages us to rise above our fears and try.

Confidence also leads to assertiveness. Part of being assertive means describing circumstances rather than labeling people. It also means being willing to advocate for others even when our opinions may differ. We strive to suggest ideas that address as many concerns as possible and ask questions that ensure instructions and solutions are understood. By showing confidence and being assertive, we enable ourselves and others to venture fearlessly.

I – Innovate creative solutions!

Every staff member assists system developments. We know that maintaining accurate documentation and having systems in place provides a foundation for creating solutions. We view systems as building blocks that improve efficiency, effectiveness, and growth.

An open mind and willingness to think “outside the box” is critical to finding solutions. We ponder on the needs of individuals; we research and create; we strive to be open and teachable while resisting the negative influence of others.

S – Stretch and grow!

Harmony Arts is always striving to improve, so we ask our staff members to flow with the changing current and encourage them to freely share their creative ideas.

We believe that a world without the arts is a world without the basic tenets of humanity. To support and promote this belief, we seek continual improvement by taking correction with dignity, humility, and respect. We seek to achieve our unique measures of greatness and are genuinely happy for others when they do, too!

I – Inspire and uplift!

We bring positive energy to students, parents, and other employees by answering with more “yes”s than “no”s, giving more compliments than corrections, and having more suggestions than criticism.

We value each person’s self-worth. Those who share their ideas will always be respected and validated. Our conduct and materials are intended only to inspire and uplift.

We seek to be builders and influencers for good by focusing on the positive as much as is reasonable. There is always something to be thankful for, and in that gratitude we find joy.

O – Observe and own!

Our students’ well-being is of utmost importance to us. We make note of individual interests, struggles, etc. so we recognize when a different approach or avenue of teaching may be helpful. We are observant and mindful of the needs of our students so we can ensure those needs are met.

This begins with responsibility, which includes taking ownership of our work and making it our best. We also believe that asking for help when needed and doing a little extra when correcting our mistakes are essential parts of being responsible. It is our responsibility to be prepared to deliver the best experience we are able.

We are dependable. We do what we say we will do. We initiate action and accomplishment, and we work hard to complete our tasks quickly and efficiently.

N – Nurture warmly!

We nurture others by modeling respect–for both ourselves and others. We consider how our words or actions may affect others, and seek to convey all communication with love and respect.

We know that home is the first influence and place of learning for children. We provide simple and helpful resources in an effort to support parents in their endeavors to educate their family in the arts.