Harmony Arts and Music Academy Mission and Team Code

Harmony Arts and Music Academy has grown and changed a lot over the years! When Nan first started, she wasn’t planning to grow a studio with hundreds of students and lots of employees. We’re so grateful that she followed step by step to make the studio what it is today! Learn more in today’s article by Maree Zollinger:

When Nan first started teaching, her vision hadn’t been to launch a studio and teach hundreds of students over the years. The growth of the studio wasn’t at all the focus or the plan. She worked and struggled, simply doing the best she could, and consequently the growth of the studio came about step by step.

To help guide the direction of the studio as it continues to expand, she enlisted me (Marée) to collaborate with her to create a new mission, Team Code, and Company Values. With the new year only a few weeks behind us, we thought now would be a great time to introduce our Code and Values. Whether you are already enrolled, considering enrolling, or are a supporter of the blog, we hope the articles on this topic will inspire you as these values have inspired us.

Our mission statement is short and direct: “Nurturing confidence, connection, and community through the arts!” We hope it is clear that our mission is to nurture. We feel that “nurturing” sends a message of serving others.  Service is a core belief for us as a company, and we strive diligently to help our students understand and value its importance. At Harmony Arts, we are more than just Teachers–we are Facilitators. A Facilitator helps ignite the love of learning within others, which leads to increased participation and lasting results. We do this by creating an environment in which students will feel emotionally safe to learn and by providing material they can connect with. We know education works when the students feel respected and validated, so we make an effort to meet each individual where he/she is in the moment.

We seek to nurture the 3 C’s – confidence, connection, and community. In order to connect with others, an individual must feel a level of confidence.  Connection is what brings people together in the common good and builds community.  It is our strong desire to establish a place in our community where all community members can go to enjoy the arts and be filled with positivity.

Our Team Code and Company Values are represented by the acronym VISION:

V – Venture fearlessly

I – Innovate creative solutions

S – Stretch and grow

I – Inspire and uplift

O – Observe and own

N – Nurture and uplift

Within each of these Team Code words, we have a specific set of values we will address here in the blog in a future article.  

I have heard Nan express how important the Mission, Team Code and Values are to her. She and the entire Harmony Arts Team use these Values as a check-and-balance. When we make decisions, implement improvements, or introduce new offerings, we first run all ideas through the strainer of our Code and Values. We do not implement anything that is not in line with those values. This has been a very reassuring practice that has helped us maintain a clear vision for the growth of the studio and has simplified the decision-making process.

We look forward to discussing these values in greater detail with you in future articles!