Tori Jones, the Person Behind the Screen

Tori Jones, our Social Media Specialist

Would you like to meet the person behind the screen? Tori Jones takes care of our social media and does an outstanding job! She is thoughtful, considerate, hard-working, innovative, and compassionate – all qualities important to HAMA, especially in a Social Media Specialist.

When she’s not posting and sharing and thinking about the next post, she loves to drive around to explore new places, sing songs around the campfire, and eat creme brulee!

Tori doesn’t teach music but she loves to hear music, especially songs with brass instruments. And she has a small collection of instruments that includes piano, guitar, native flute, small djembe drum, kalimba (thumb piano), and pan flute. If you’re looking for Tori you can probably find her in the kitchen, visiting with friends, studying the Bible, or … you guessed it – on social media! Tori’s family has been part of Harmony Arts and Music Academy since 2013. And as always, she loves to hear from you! Anytime you have something to share, just send a Facebook message to Harmony Arts and Music Academy and you’ll be in the best hands with Tori!