Josh Milsap, Drummer Extraordinare!

Josh and his wife, Taylor, hiking the Crimson Trail in Logan Canyon

En garde! Four boys wielding toy swords circle their recently disarmed father. Looking for the gap in their ranks, Dad’s eyes quickly travel over the faces of each of his boys. He sees their determination and knows his time is running out. He fakes a break for the door, then turns and scoops up one of his boys, draping him over one shoulder, and takes off running… This is just a tiny peek into the home life interactions one of our awesome drumming teachers, Josh Millsap, has with his sons.

Josh is one of the newest members of HAMA staff, and we’re so excited to have him! In addition to bringing 19 years of drumming experience to the table, he is a devoted husband and father of four boys who has learned how to balance his involvement in sports and the arts. From gliding down the ice in his Jr. Yetis hockey uniform to music and poetry. From family hikes to dance, Josh enjoys being active, involved, and living life to the fullest. 

Josh is one of the teachers of the World Drumming class. Enjoy this selection as Josh shows us how much fun it is to drum! Thanks for being part of Harmony Arts and Music Academy, Josh!

Click here to listen to Josh play the drums: