Meet Kierste Carter!

Keirste and her family

Kierste Carter keeps the books running smoothly for us here at Harmony Arts. It is her friendly voice on the other end of the phone when you have billing questions.

We appreciate Kierste’s dependability, her willingness and creativity for solving problems, and her encouragement to us in providing a sounding board for ideas. Many good things that have been done in the studio have come about because of her input. Kierste is a team player and she works very hard to make sure things are done to the best of her ability.  We are all so grateful for her.

Kierste earned her Bachelor’s degree from USU, majoring in Family, Consumer and Human Development with an emphasis in Family Finance (financial counseling and education). Prior to working for Harmony Arts, Kierste worked for Intermountain Healthcare as a Patient Service Representative, where she also did billing, coding, audits, and processed financial assistance applications. Kierste is married to Trent Carter and they are the parents of three boys.

Kierste, Thanks for everything you do for us here at Harmony Arts!