Meet Nathan Bodrero!

Nathan is a super fun Lab assistant
and Teaching assistant!

Nathan Bodrero has been with Harmony Arts since childhood and graduated from the Musikgarten Program. He has studied piano with Nan Croney since 2013, and assisted classes and in the lab since 2017.

He is the oldest of seven children, five of which are boys. He loves to play soccer, as well as playing the piano and ukulele. He is great with kids, and is friendly, charismatic, and ready to help you have fun!

One of the many things we love about Nathan, is that he is a self-starter. When he sees something that needs to be done, he figures out how to do it and gets the job done. Nathan has exceptional music skills and great intuition when it comes to figuring out how to help students.

Nathan works at Harmony Arts Academy as a Lab Assistant, Office Help and as a Teaching Assistant in Keyboard Classes.