Vision Boards: Getting Started

This vision board is in process!

Vision boards are simple yet powerful tools that anyone of any age can learn to use effectively. The simplest way to get started is to make a square on the wall using painter’s tape. 

Whatever you choose to use, keeping the means of adding and removing items to and from your vision board simple will serve you best. Avoid using things like glue that aren’t meant to come off. That adds additional work for you and suggests to your mind that your goal is stuck out of your reach.

Set yourself up to succeed by placing your vision board somewhere easily visible and accessible. Hiding it in places that are hard to see or get to increases the opposition of using it daily.

Once your vision board is in place, choose a picture of one thing you want to acquire. It can be a physical item, a quality, a vacation… anything! Print it, cut it out of a magazine, or draw it yourself–whatever you need to do to get a picture of your goal. Using pictures stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain–the side associated with creativity, spontaneity, and freedom. This will help you generate ideas as you work your vision board.

Choose a keyword or phrase to place on your vision board with the picture you have chosen. Words stimulate the left hemisphere of the brain–the side associated with organization, logic, and boundaries. This will allow you to take your ideas and create action steps, which is an essential part of getting things off your vision board, so please don’t skip this step!

What might this look like for a musical goal? Perhaps you have a piano piece containing a phrase with specific fingering that challenges you. Your image might be a copy of that single phrase with the fingering marked to stand out. Your keyword might be something that describes how you want the phrase to sound (“graceful”) or how you want to feel when you play it (“confident”).

Finally, acquire a binder or folder in which you can place the pictures of each item you successfully pull off your vision board. Tracking your successes adds proof of your abilities and evidence of your board’s effectiveness. When the negative voices around you or in your mind try to tear you down and hinder you from reaching your goals, pull out your binder of success stories and remind yourself of the truth: that you accomplish amazing things! 

Start with the one item you have chosen for your vision board if this is your first time. Pouring your focus into one goal allows you to learn how to work your board. Splitting your focus between multiple goals too early can lead to frustration and discouragement. You can always add more when you’re ready, but putting on too much at one time can create an unnecessary struggle.

Choosing something you can achieve within a month at most (though preferably within two weeks) will give you early success. That early success will help build your momentum so that you can learn how to really make the most of your vision board. Pretty soon you’ll see for yourself that a vision board really can work for anyone!

by Maree Zollinger