Meet Erin Black!

Miss Erin is one of our amazing teachers at Harmony Arts and Music Academy! She has taught preschool, Musicgarten, Children’s Choir, and does all kinds of things for our studio. If you haven’t gotten to know her, you should! Read on:

Erin attended both Snow College and Utah State and graduated in Social Work. She loves working with children and teens. Erin is very perceptive of student needs and has a gift of adapting to meet them in the moment.

She has been teaching piano for over 10 years and continues to teach from her home. She has taught a variety of classes at Harmony Arts. She has a very friendly way of approaching young children, and our students love her enthusiasm and positive energy.

Erin has four rowdy boys and one sweet little girl and loves the positive influence that Musikgarten has on her family. Her favorite things usually involve her children, the outdoors, music, caramel or chocolate, and her very best friend (and husband), Trevor.

Erin, thank you for being part of our studio!