Everyone can be a Music Composer!

So much fun at our Composition Class!

Check it out!  We had our FIRST composition class and had such a great time! You can see a video here: http://drive.google.com/file/d/14o9rMNxW6MibC79x9Jevn-G5q1MRwWhw/view?usp=drivesdk

You might have noticed that the kiddos in these pictures are pretty young.  Typically composition is something we think only advanced musicians can do. But when we set up the right learning environment, and approach music like it is a language, kids have the tools to do it right away!  

Learning about how to notate our compositions!

Maybe you are wondering why you would WANT your young music student to participate in a composition class…?  Well, the best reason is because they LOVE to do it! Nothing builds confidence like creating something beautiful, especially when you didn’t think you could!  But another very important reason is because when music students compose, they learn to take OWNERSHIP of music, recognizing common musical patterns and putting them in new contexts, adding their own creative ideas, and generating new content.  This highly creative and intuitive process is possible at such a young age because we approach music as a language. We come to understand it’s familiar patterns and workings, which gives us a place to build from. It is through this process of improvisation and composition that a music student can develop TRUE MUSIC LITERACY – being able to hear what is written, and write what is heard.  It is a magnificent process to be a part of!

Composing a melody to share with each other!

In our Composition Workshop, we started with some basics, and then each student worked at an individual piano to try out what we discussed.  Miss Nan gave feedback and everyone brainstormed ways to change things up, like using a different octave, adding an introduction, changing the tempo, etc. It was SO GREAT to be in a setting where we could test out ideas, receive feedback and instruction, and then test out ideas again, over and over!  One of the best parts was hearing Miss Nan improvise on a simple melody! 

Music composition is at the core of why we love music!  Music is fun, especially when you have the tools to create your own content! Have you tried the Composition Workshop yet? Now’s the perfect time!