Introducing Tara Stander!

Miss Tara on the far right with her family!

Tara Stander teaches piano, flute, and voice, and is also our Administrative Assistant here at Harmony Arts and Music Academy! Tara is a fine teacher with a very solid educational background and many years teaching experience. My earliest memory of Tara is sitting in my son’s band concert in intermediate school. I was blown away at the level that those 1st year students were playing at and how prepared they were for their performance! I had never before heard beginning band students play with that kind of precision. I was immediately impressed with her teaching ability and so grateful that my son had her for a teacher.

Years later the opportunity came to hire Tara as a staff member. I of course jumped at the opportunity knowing at that point what an amazing talent she is. Gratefully she accepted and we have loved having her a part of the studio for several years now. Tara is incredibly musically talented. She can create things musically with the least amount of effort. On the other hand, she has an incredible work ethic and knows how to polish and perfect, and teach students to do the same. Her students are always well prepared for recitals and play with confidence. I appreciate the care that she takes in her teaching. She has a personality that makes students feel comfortable and capable. I’m grateful she teaches piano, flute, and voice, and is our Administrative Assistant, but I will be forever grateful that we are blessed by her talents in many areas in the studio.  -Nan Croney

Tara is a Utah State University graduate.  She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education with an Emphasis in Band and an Elementary Music Endorsement.  She has taught band, choir and elementary music in Box Elder School District and at Promontory School. Tara has taught private flute, piano and voice lessons beginning in 2002.

Tara enjoys teaching private voice, flute, and piano lessons here at Harmony Arts Academy/CMG.  She also has experience teaching Preschool, Years 1 & 2 in the Musikgarten Keyboard Program, as well as directing and accompanying our Children’s Choir  She is currently working on developing a wind program, starting with early flutes, for Harmony Arts Academy/CMG. Tara loves being part of the “a-hah” moments that students experience and loves brainstorming about how to make those happen!  

You can usually find her cooking, eating, reading, keeping her husband company on the farm, playing with her furry friends and laughing with her two sons and daughter.    

Our students love Tara’s spontaneous sense of humor and have benefited greatly from her outstanding musicianship and creativity.

Tara is qualified to teach all levels, beginning through early advanced, in voice, piano, and flute.

Messages from our parents and students of Tara: Things we love about Miss Tara

“Tara is patient, kind, encouraging and always finds the best in my kids. She makes them laugh and they feel like she is their best friend as well as teacher.”

“My kids have not grown up hearing singing or piano in our house (except for the songs on country radio) so, her patience with my kids is amazing!!!! If they don’t answer her questions right away she will give them time to think, then help them if they need it. They love how she makes it fun for them, sometimes changing up the words to things that interest them. We enjoy Tara and all of Harmony Art’s staff.”