Family Drum Night!

The amazing Jacob Kropf with Nan and some of the other drummers!

We had a great family drum night with our local charter school, Athenian eAcademy-Tremonton!  Adults, teens, kids, and even toddlers came to try out our authentic Djembe drums. Our amazing drum teacher, Jacob Kropf, and Nan Croney showed everyone the basics of drumming. To see a video clip from the drum night, click here:

Kids of all ages love drumming!

At first, some people (mostly adults) didn’t want to try it — but once they did, everyone enjoyed it. All ages worked together, helped each other and enjoyed the music! It was a challenge, but it was fun and rewarding! The overall volume–the loud sound of the drums–might seem like it would be difficult to handle. But actually, participating in drumming spends out that excess energy and leaves a person feeling renewed. Drumming brings generations together — and communities together as we work as one on a common goal! 

Drumming has a very unifying effect!

We learned to “pull” the sound from the drum by relaxing our hands, and tried using food words like “I really like pie” and “Razzleberry Cherry” to help us stay together. We tried some cheery beats and played along to some Zootopia and Moana for even more fun. 

What a positive, encouraging experience! Group drumming is perfect for family parties, schools, churches– all groups can benefit! Call 435-452-2697 to ask Nan about setting up group drumming for your event. Thank you Jacob and Athenian eAcademy-Tremonton for a terrific drum night!