Why Harmony Arts?

When choosing where to sign up your kiddos for music lessons, you might ask yourself, “Why Harmony Arts?”  Today we tackle that question!

About Harmony Arts:

  1. We provide unlimited make-up classes.  You never have to worry about getting your value here. As long as you inform us ahead of an absence, you have the option of making up your class by attending a different class of your choice!
  2. We train our teachers. You may have learned from one of our previous articles,  Elements of Quality, that teachers receive at leastthree hours of training and 3-4 hours of observations before they begin teaching at all, but did you know that their training continues throughout the rest of the year?  This is on top of the education and experience that they already have. All of our adult teachers have degrees in education, music, or a related field, or are in the process of completing that education.  We know that our teachers heavily influence your child’s experience, so we continually strive to improve as a staff so that experience can be beneficially life-changing!
  3. Our program includes parent participation. Why does this matter? Because parent involvement increases a child’s success! Parent time at the end of each class not only allows us to show the parents what we learned, it also provides quality time between parent and child. We encourage parents to support their children in goal-setting and nurture that special relationship through the power of music! We sing, dance, and learn together so you can discover simple ways to be a part of your child’s success story.

Here at Harmony Arts, we see our students as individuals with different strengths and abilities. Our program is designed to nurture each child on an individual level while still providing a safe environment for social development. In addition to caring about our students, we care about their families—we care about YOU! The very things that set us apart also allow us to better serve families and provide opportunities for relationships to continue growing.

Stay tuned for more elements that set Harmony Arts apart!

What do YOU like/appreciate about our studio? Please let us know!