Make Practice Count! (Part I)

Welcome to “Make Practice Count!” where we share ideas that will help you get the most out of your practice! Today’s tip: Start and end with something FUN!

“Wait a minute… Practice is never fun!” If that’s what you’re thinking, sit tight. We sincerely believe that is about to change…

What’s fun for Susan may not be fun for Jack, so if you pick different activities from your friends, that’s ok! The important thing is do what’s fun to YOU. Adding fun to practice has numerous benefitsincluding:

  • Greater enjoyment in learning
  • Increased confidence when accepting a challenge
  • More patience with yourself
  • Appreciation for progress
  • Decrease of students who quit lessons

Here are some ideas you may choose from, or feel free to come up with your own! Fun to start or end with:

  • A song you’re most excited to learn. Your excitement adds energy that makes practice fun!
  • A song you can already play well. This way you can be sure to start or end on a great note!
  • A fun challenge. For example, “Let’s see how many times in a row I can play  ________ correctly!” (Perhaps a scale or a line from a song.) Play it slowly if needed until your accuracy and confidence increase. Tally each success and reward yourself with a goldfish or another small snack for each tally you earn.
  • Drum, Dance, or Doodle. Choose a song from your assignment and choose one of these activities to engage while you listen. All three can help improve your mood and prepare your mind to focus!

The more we enjoy practice, the more effective it becomes. We hope these ideas help you discover what makes practice fun for you!

Here at CMG, we are a team! We enjoy helping each other succeed, so comment below what YOU do to make practice fun!